Q: When does the collection go on sale?

A: During the 2023 Nitto ATP Finals. The sale begins on November 12 at 12pm CET (6am ET) and closes on November 19 at 11:59pm CET.

Q:What different versions are available?

A: Fans will be able to customise their own versions of the Nitto ATP Finals Official Poster, using the Artchild digital canvas and artist curated colour palettes. The Official Poster and digital counterpart, in the original version designed by Honor Titus, will also be available.

Q: What will I receive when I purchase a poster?

A: Each poster purchase includes a premium print and a matching digital collectible powered by Polygon.

Q: What does the customisation process look like?

  • Step 1: Create your customised design of the Nitto ATP Finals Official Poster using the Artchild canvas, and colour palettes curated by Honor Titus himself. No technical skills required!
  • Step 2: Purchase via your preferred payment method (see below for supported payment methods).
  • Step 3: Enjoy your unique Nitto ATP Finals memory.

Q: Can I create more than one poster?

A: Yes! Each wallet can mint up to 10 customised posters and 10 original version posters.

Q: Are customized posters unique?

A: Yes. At the point of customisation, we verify that no two posters are the same.

Q: What are the dimensions of each print?

A: 18x24 inches (45 x 60cm).

Q: When will my poster print be shipped?

A: All prints will be shipped by mid-December. This allows us time to carefully prepare your order. Prints will ship unframed in a standard tube.

Q: What is a digital collectible, and what does it offer me?

A: DDigital collectibles are unique assets issued on a blockchain. In this case, a digital counterpart to your poster. This allows you to prove the uniqueness of your poster and serves as your Certificate of Ownership.

Q: How can I get my poster featured on the screens at the Pala Alpitour?

A: Share your customised posters on social with the hashtag #ATPxArt for a chance to be featured.

Q: What blockchain will be used?

A: Digital collectibles will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, one of the world's most scalable, secure and sustainable Ethereum Layer 2s. Learn more here.

Q: How much is each poster?

A: US$50 plus postage (shipping is calculated at checkout). Please note: should you choose not to pay for shipping at checkout, you will receive only the digital collectible version of your poster, and it will not be possible to arrange shipping at a later date.

Q: How can I pay?

A: We support payment by credit card (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) and crypto. We are working with Crossmint to provide a seamless checkout experience for all.

Q: Do I need a crypto wallet?

A: If you don't already have a wallet, one will be created for you automatically at checkout using Crossmint. This is linked to the email address you provide at checkout, and can be managed via the Crossmint website. If you already have a wallet, you can connect and checkout as usual (both credit card and crypto payments are possible).

Q: I own a LOVE token. How do I claim my poster?

A: Collectors of LOVE, the ATP's digital art collection from the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals, will be eligible to claim one free customisable poster per LOVE token. To claim, you will need to connect the wallet holding your LOVE token(s) and mint during the on-sale window.

Q: When are the special player versions being auctioned?

A: The world's top singles players competing at the 2023 Nitto ATP Finals will customise their own version of the Official Poster. These special one-of-a-kind versions will find their way to fans via an online auction on 18-19 November (more details to come). All proceeds will support an environmental sustainability initiative that promotes green spaces in the City of Turin.

Q: I'm heading to the Nitto ATP Finals. Where can I pick up a poster?

A: Come visit us at our booth, located inside the Nitto ATP Finals Fan Village.

Q: Where can I follow for updates?

A: Register for email updates on the Artchild homepage and follow the ATP Tour and Artchild on Instagram.

Q: Who can I contact for support?

A: Please reach out to should you have any questions.